Welcome to Decillion Healthcare, where caring matters.

Decillion Healthcare, a BioMatrix specialty pharmacy, is founded on integrity, clinical expertise and a commitment to providing outstanding care for people with chronic health conditions. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience. We're focused on providing services and care to improve health.  

Decillion Healthcare is an Ohio-based specialty pharmacy with a core focus in Rheumatology, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, Oncology, Viral Hepatitis, and Growth Hormone. In addition, we operate an onsite Infusion Suite for safe administration of intravenous medications, offering our patients an alternative to a hospital setting. We’re proud to be a team of dedicated experts whose sole purpose is to create a premium, patient-centric model of care that meets the unique needs affiliated with these complex diseases.

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to help patients living with a chronic condition enjoy a better life through individualized specialty pharmacy and infusion services."

Decillion’s unique advantages are:

  • Clinical Focus: Clinical Programs are focused on improving patient compliance and quality of life. Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) work with the Clinical Pharmacy Manager and team to thoroughly manage each patient’s full drug profile while closely monitoring any side effects or other factors affecting treatment adherence.
  • Patient Monitoring: Disease Medication Side Effect Management
  • State of the Art Technology: Next Gen Operating System / EMR-CRM-CMT capabilities
  • Location and Size: 9,000 sq. ft. closed-door pharmacy in Dublin, Ohio
  • Advocacy, Education and Training: Free Utilization of Decillion’s contemporary Advocacy Room for Physicians, Manufacturer’s, Clinician’s, Foundation-Charities, and patient support groups
  • Patient Assistance Programs: Most comprehensive PAP Resources, Copay Assistance and Manufacturer Programs
  • Personal Dedication: Founding families personally affected by chronic health conditions