Decillion provides medication management and clinical services in a caring supportive environment, keeping patients healthier longer - one patient at a time.

Decillion’s Competitive Advantage

Intake Management

  • Customized referral forms

  • Immediate translation of all patient, prescriber, insurance, and drug information

  • Proactively contact prescriber and insurance for missing information

  • Receipt of referral to prescriber

Benefits Investigation

  • Electronically adjudicate a test claim under pharmacy, medical, and/or other insurance

  • Prior Authorization processing

  • Appeals Management

  • Step Therapy Protocol or other reimbursement issue processing

  • Funding Assistance

  • Transfer to Manufacturer Sponsored Patient Assistance Program


  • Valuable data including patient, prescriber, utilization, and disease management notes are captured in CPR+

  • Product is packaged discreetly and shipped to patient’s location

  • Package is tracked and recorded

  • A Patient Care Advocate (PCA) personally contacts patients monthly for refills

Drug Therapy Management

  • Clinician proactively educates patient about adverse reactions

  • Clinician offers enrollment into disease management program, when available, to increase adherence and tolerance of medication

  • Pharmacists and nurses available to answer patient questions

  • All conversations are recorded in CPR+ for continuity of care and future analysis